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The State of Volunteering in Victoria Report (2020) is first of its kind in Victoria and is the flagship initiative of the Victorian Volunteering Strategy.

We are undertaking research to highlight the value of volunteering and the contribution of volunteers for organisations across the Victoria.

Our State of Volunteering Report will build on the work that other States and Territories have done to explore and document volunteering behaviour and how organisations engage volunteers. The report will allow us to calculate the economic contribution that the volunteering sector provides for Victorian communities

This research will help to demonstrate the many social, cultural, and economic benefits that volunteering contributes to Victorians. A strong evidence base of the value of volunteering allows governments and organisations to make more informed decisions which better reflect the impact of volunteering.

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What are we doing right now?

The data for this report was collected across April-June 2020 when the impact of COVID-19 altered the work, travel and daily pattern of life across the entire State. This allowed us to examine both the ‘usual’ pattern of volunteering (undertaken in the 12 months of 2019) as well as understand the initial impact of COVID-19 on volunteering behaviours.
The State of Volunteering Report is a flagship initiative of the Victorian Volunteer Strategy and its findings are assisting us to inform and advocate for the role and contribution of volunteering in Victoria.

What next?

PLV Talks (Webinar): Understanding the Role of Research in Volunteering: State of Volunteering Report
16 November 2020 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cost: Free

The State of Volunteering report is the first report of its kind in Victoria, but it takes a village to embed research into our sector and make sure its as rigorous as possible.

In this webinar, Sara Sterling talks to Sasha Earle (Brotherhood of St Laurence), Sharon Walsh (Bendigo Health), Andrea Matheson (The Centre, Wangaratta), and Sue Dunne (Mercy Health) about their role on the State of Volunteering Report Reference Group and the lessons they learned about research through the process.

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State of Volunteering Reports:


Data collection
April – June 2020
Report launch
19 October 2020
Victorian Volunteer Strategy Commences
November 2020
Webinar: Understanding the Role of Research in Volunteering – State of Volunteering Report
16 November 2020

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