Victorian State
Submission (2020-2021)


Every year the Victorian Government develops an annual Budget. The Budget outlines major spending for the year. It is a strong indicator for what the Government’s priorities are.

Volunteering Victoria is independent from government – we are a peak body representing our members and looking out for the best interests of the volunteering sector across the state.

Volunteering Victoria contributes to the Victorian Budget process by making our own submission to the Victorian Government. We promote the investments that the Victorian Government should make that will best serve our members, other volunteer-involving organisations, volunteers and Victorian communities in general.

One method for determining member priorities is through surveys as conducted late in 2019 exploring the relationships between volunteer involving organisations (VIO) and the Victorian Government with a view to identifying opportunities for and barriers to effective engagement, advocacy and investment for the volunteering sector. The survey responses provided information to support our budget submission to Government.

This year we focused on four priority areas:

  1. To ensure a strong and effective Victorian Volunteer Strategy.
  2. Support local governments and upskill their staff with professional development opportunities in volunteer management, like training in the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.
  3. Improve legislation relating to volunteering (including improved protections for Working With Children, and protections under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic).
  4. Support leaders of volunteers to better include multicultural communities in volunteering by developing tools and training opportunities.

What are we doing right now?

We have a strong working relationship with the Victorian Government. We continue to progress these issues in conversation with the Parliamentary Secretary for Carers and Volunteers.

What next?

We will raise these issues to be put on the agenda of the upcoming Victorian Volunteer Strategy. We will also advocate for the Strategy to be appropriately funded to maximise its impact.

We will undertake an assessment of the biggest risks and opportunities for our next submission to the Victorian Budget process. This might include these priorities and more.

Resources and links

  • You can find our Budget Submission here
  • The Victorian Budget is usually released in May every year. View here
  • You can find out about the Victorian Government’s Volunteer Strategy here
  • You can share your views to inform the Victorian Volunteer Strategy (and advocate for investments) here

Project Partners

  • We work closely with Justice Connect to improve legislation relating to volunteering
  • For information about what the Victorian Government is doing for volunteering, click here.


Volunteering Victoria submission to Victorian State Budget 2020 – 2021
January 2020
Victorian Budget
May 2020
Victorian Volunteer Strategy (Victorian Government)
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Volunteering Victoria to Victorian State Budget 2021-22
January 2021
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May 2021

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