Mentoring Program


Elly Murrell

City of Yarra

I would like to enhance my skills and knowledge in the key areas that align with a volunteer strategy that I recently developed for our council. I believe my mentor has lots of experience and insights to share with me in order to better support, strengthen and recognise volunteering in the City of Yarra community.

Michelle Critchley

Country Fire Authority

"As a mentee, I would like to take the opportunity to learn from my mentor to improve my communication and personal skills, increase my confidence and motivation and continue to develop my leadership and management qualities."

Naomi Holman

3MBS Radio Station

"Volunteering is the heart of 3MBS and community radio in general. I enrolled in the Volunteering Victoria program so that I can develop strategies to improve the working environment and satisfaction for our 200 volunteers."

Ada Castle


"I’m excited to be participating in Volunteer Victoria’s 2019 Mentoring Program. I hope to increase my professional skills in volunteer management, learn from best practice and provide better support to my organisation’s volunteers; increasing my ability to create positive change."

Kirsty Manning

Good Samaritan Inn

"I am really looking forward to receiving professional feedback and support on developing structures and procedures, as well as connecting with a wider network of volunteer managers."

Kellie Houghton

Different Journeys

"I joined the program to have the opportunity to connect with volunteer managers, to enhance my skills and exchange knowledge and experiences with other mentors and mentees. The opportunity to debrief and build on reflective practices was something I did not want to miss!"

Melanie Mantel

Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria – Cranbourne

"Through the mentor program I hope to develop my skills as a volunteer coordinator and deepen my knowledge of the volunteering sector. With the guidance and assistance of my mentor I aim to create a positive, strong group of volunteers, attract new volunteers, and build and strengthen the existing volunteer programs within the organisation."

Leira Woodman

Bendigo TAFE

"I am establishing a Volunteer and Mentor program in a tertiary institution and would like to understand the Volunteer Management sector from an experienced Volunteer Manager. What is attractive about the program is the opportunity to candidly ask open questions and glean my own learnings from their responses, which is very valuable for my personal and professional development."

Angela Kougioumtzis

Bayley House

"Volunteer co-ordinating is such a complex and broad area – new to this area I am seeking to expand my knowledge base and be in a position to refine and improve processes within my workplace and gain valuable advice from my mentor."

Anne Tosswill


"As for what I expect to get out of my mentoring sessions? For me, this is all about learning. It’s about embracing new perspectives & opportunities and challenging myself to think through issues in a new way."

Eske McIntosh

Eske McIntosh

"I am very grateful to become a mentee at Volunteering Victoria as I am currently in an operations co-ordinating position which includes the volunteer co-ordination at Wear for Success. Being able to talk to an experienced Volunteers Manager, ask questions on volunteer issues, leadership, recruitment and organisational change will be very helpful and beneficial to me and Wear for Success."

Kerry Turner

Bendigo Health

“To develop my confidence to allow me to navigate a career in volunteer leadership or other relevant programs.”

Julie Pryma

Robin Boyd Foundation

"I would like to improve communication with the foundation's volunteers and show how we value them and the time they give. As well, I hope to update our recruitment process and the induction program to more closely align with the National Standards. My work experience is in the creative, marketing, and publishing industries and this is my first position at a nonprofit and as a volunteer manager."

Zoe Clark

Monash Health

"I’m excited to participate in Volunteering Victoria’s Mentoring Program as I see this as a great opportunity to connect with and learn from volunteer coordinators and managers across a diverse sector. I look forward to working with my mentor to develop my knowledge and skills to build the capacity of volunteers and those who support them within my organisation."


Heidi Fisher

Moonee Valley City Council

"Hoping for mutual benefits such as new insights and learning how to make the most of talents and circumstances."

Silvia Carbonne

Your Community Health

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction. By John c Crosby"

Hazel Maynard

Volunteering Victoria

"I look forward to supporting a colleague to navigate her way through what can be a challenging role, and to providing guidance and the benefit of my experience in the sector in whatever way my mentee feels would be most beneficial to her.  Helping her to achieve her goals is my goal."

Marg Joiner

Zoos Victoria

"This is my fourth year as a mentor with Volunteering Victoria. As support for volunteer managers is critically under-resourced, mentoring is a great way to strengthen the sector. Volunteer Managers, in a way seldom seen in other professions, are quick to exchange information, network and support each other."

Emma Short

Heart Foundation

"Being part of the mentoring program has been a highlight of the last few years for me. I’m delighted to be back this year to share, learn, encourage and create another great relationship. Anyone who puts their hand up to be a mentee is already a great professional looking to be even better and I am sure I will gain insight, skills and lots more as a mentor this year."

Janine Fisher

"Mentoring is a passion, to give new Managers knowledge and skills to succeed is inspiring"

Sharon Walsh

Bendigo Health

"This year I decided to become a mentor to a local volunteer mentee.  In my life, I have been very lucky to have been mentored by incredible people which has had both a personal and professional impact to who I am and what I do.  I hope that I can help my mentee to be the very best she can and in doing so, enhance our local community and the volunteer sector at the same time."

Suzanne Larsson

Stroke Foundation

"I am excited to be involved in such a professional program and be able to support and guide someone that is reasonably new into the world of volunteer management and inspire them to progress confidently in the volunteer management space. It is an opportunity to meet new people in the volunteer management field and to learn and grow with them and finally, I am interested in enhancing my skills as a mentor and a leader"

Leesa Riley

"I’m really excited to be involved in Volunteering Victoria’s mentoring program again this year.  Often volunteer managers are in a very small team if at all so having the opportunity to connect with others in the sector is really important for support.  Coming from an environmental background I am always excited to delve in to a diverse volunteering area which provides me with a unique two way learning opportunity."