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Applications for the 2024 CPD Program are now OPEN.

As a member of Volunteering Victoria, you understand the value of life-long learning and professional development. The 16 point CPD Program for Professional Leader of Volunteers is a formal avenue to improve your knowledge, skills and future employability through accreditation.

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program is exclusive to members and only $50 (ex GST) in 2024.

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Why join the CPD program?

Receive a formal certification awarding you the right to have ‘Professional Leaders of Volunteers (PLV)‘ after your name

Promote your point of difference to current and future employers

Be recognised for the learning you’re already doing or planning to undertake

Be inspired to up-skill and gain more knowledge

What are participants saying?


planned their professional development more proactively


strongly agreed the program met their expectations


easily accessed other external PD opportunities


achieved sector wide awareness of volunteer management as a profession

CPD program evaluation

In 2023, Monash University Business School researchers were engaged to conduct an evaluation of our CPD program. The research will be completed across two stages to investigate perceptions and attitudes regarding the CPD program:

  1. A focus group discussion with volunteer managers currently participating in the CPD program
  2. A survey of existing and past program participants

The findings of the focus group study will guide the scope and development of the second stage of the research. These are outlined in the full report, linked below.

The combined findings from both studies will provide a profound understanding of how to enhance the effectiveness of future CPD programs, and in turn, better equip volunteer managers to excel in their roles.

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how it


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how it


Accumulate 16 CPD points through a combination of activities:

  • Professional development, events and services offered by Volunteering Victoria
  • Professional development at your organisation
  • Reading relevant industry articles/newsletters 
  • Mentoring colleagues/members in volunteering management 
  • Reflective practice
  • You can now gain points CPD points by undertaking training with CPD endorsed organisations
FAQs & Reflective Guide



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Registrations for the 2024 CPD program are now OPEN. Please follow the link below to express your interest.

  1. Click the link below and fill in your application form
  2. Receive your welcome pack along with instructions on how to log your CPD activity through the online portal
  3. To achieve a minimum of 16 CPD points, participate in CPD activities that suit you. Consult with your manager on activity choices that are aligned with your career goals
  4. Update your CPD activity on the portal when you complete an activity
  5. Gain 16 CPD points by the end of the year and receive your formal certificate and option to use PLV after your name!
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Activity Log

Access here (members only)

The program was motivating, providing a welcome structure, sense of collegiality and recognition for those who dedicate time for on-going learning. This program seems a good fit for a profession that needs to continuously evolve to stay relevant in an ever changing world. It is great to see the initiative going National.