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Looking to volunteer? Volunteering is such a huge part of our community and it’s wonderful that you have an interest in being involved and giving your time. We can connect you with resources to help find the role that’s perfect for you.

Where to start

Sometimes people ‘fall into’ volunteering. Other times, people make a conscious decision to volunteer and then face the challenge of how to start. Here are some steps you can take as you embark on your volunteer journey:

  • Think about your skills and interests — which of these would you most like to use, improve or obtain in your volunteering activities?
  • Contact your local Volunteer Support Service for support and advice in your area.
  • Search below for current volunteer roles. Choose those you like and apply to indicate your interest.
  • If there is a specific organisation you’d like to volunteer with, check out their website and approach them directly.

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New to volunteering?
If it’s your first time volunteering, you may like to view our Volunteer Guide for further tips and tricks for getting started and what to expect from a volunteer role.

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Choosing a role

You may find that you have a number of opportunities to volunteer and need to make a decision as to whether a volunteer role is right for you. Seeking answers to these questions will help you decide on the best ‘fit’ or match:


  • Is the organisation a not-for-profit organisation?
  • Is there a written position description for the position?
  • Is the organisation willing to provide you with a volunteer policy explaining your rights?
  • Is the organisation willing to provide you with written information about itself?

  • Will the work maintain or develop your skills, if this is part of what you want to gain from volunteering?
  • Will the organisation provide you with a reference, if you need one?

  • Does the organisation have a Volunteer Manager or other contact person to support and supervise volunteers?
  • Does it offer adequate training and orientation for you to perform your job?
  • Does it offer reimbursement for travel or money spent on behalf of the organisation?
  • Does the organisation have volunteer insurance to cover your out-of-pocket expenses following an injury during your work on behalf of the organisation?
  • Does the purpose of the organisation match your own values, beliefs and interests?