Building an inclusive
volunteer program

Volunteering Victoria encourages you to think about how you can build an inclusive volunteer program and involve volunteers from diverse backgrounds including people with a disability, from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, people who identify as LGBTQI+ and many more.

The following organisations may be able to provide you with advice and support:

Youth Ready Guide & Assessment

In 2021, Volunteering Victoria was engaged by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to develop and design a youth engagement package for environmental groups in Victoria, including an assessment tool and a concise youth-inclusive practice guide.

Throughout this project, Volunteering Victoria worked with an Environmental Organisations Reference Group, and a Youth Reference Group (convened through YACVIC) to codesign and develop these tools.

One of the recommendations from the guide is that recognition is particularly important to younger volunteers where they have limited other experience in professional settings. Recognition certificates can recognise milestones such as completing a project, or volunteering for a certain number of hours, or just be a way to thank everyone at an annual celebration. Use our template to design your own certificates.

Victoria ALIVE: Inclusive Volunteering, Everyday

Volunteering Victoria, in partnership with Neighbourhood Houses Victoria with the support of the Victorian Government has been delivering the Victoria ALIVE (Ability-Links-Inclusive-Volunteering-Everyday) project. The project aims to improve disability inclusion in the volunteering Community community sector.

Volunteering Victoria has produced a number of guides to assist you with building these programs.