Current Advocacy Priorities

Volunteering Victoria advocates for and supports the rights, wellbeing and interests of volunteers. We build and maintain strong mutually beneficial relationships to ensure engagement and investment for the volunteering sector.

Volunteering Victoria has set a number of strategically significant priorities to:

  • Influence State government and members on policy matters that impact volunteering
  • Support Volunteering Australia, State Peaks and others to succeed in the changing world of volunteering
  • Enable members to advocate within their own sector (e.g. local government, own peak body etc.) to support the rights, wellbeing and interests of volunteers
  • Develop and promote resources that improve the volunteering sector and the volunteering experience.
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Current Priorities

2023-24 Budget

Election priorities & Government advocacy

NDIS Screening

2023-24 Budget Submission

Volunteering Victoria’s submission to the 2023-2024 State Budget focuses on nine recommendations informed by consultations with our members and partner organisations, across three priority areas: 

  • Strengthening the volunteer sector
  • Addressing barriers to volunteering 
  • Promoting inclusion and diversity in volunteering

The nine budget recommendations will be the focus of our advocacy efforts in 2023: 

1.   A Ministerial Portfolio for Volunteering
2.   A well-resourced spontaneous volunteer strategy and coordinate response
3.   Investment in Volunteer Support Services as part of Victoria’s place-based volunteering infrastructure
4.   Research into volunteering trends and practices
5.   Subsidised insurance coverage and training for small volunteer-involving organisations
6.   Inclusion of volunteering into all government workforce strategies
7.   Evidence-based and sustainable inclusion and diversity training for organisations
8.   A fund to reduce financial barriers to volunteering for diverse communities
9.   Investment in volunteering initiatives for young people 

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State Election Priorities & Government Advocacy

In the lead up to the 2022 State Election we advocated for five priorities of the volunteer sector. We are committed to working with the Victorian State Government over the next four years to address these priorities and strengthen volunteering in Victoria.

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NDIS Volunteer Screening Checks

After almost 3 years of advocacy, working closely with the Victoria Worker Screening Unit , Service Victoria and many volunteer-involving organisations, volunteers in NDIS risk assessed roles in Victoria can now apply online for a free NDIS screening check. 

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Is there something you think we need to focus on?
We want to hear from you on our advocacy priorities. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss our current initiatives or submit your idea.

National Priorities

Volunteering Victoria regularly contributes to consultations and submissions on issues of national interest through Volunteering AustraliaFor more information head to the Volunteering Australia website below.

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