National Volunteer
Week 2024

To be held on 20-26 May 2024, National Volunteer Week (NVW) is Australia’s largest annual celebration of volunteering, highlighting the important role of volunteers in our community.
National Volunteer Week: Something for Everyone - 20-26 May 2024

2024 theme

The theme for National Volunteer Week 2024 is ‘Something for Everyone’.

National Volunteer Week 2024 will recognise the diverse passions and talents everyone brings to the act of volunteering.

It’s an invitation to explore the myriad of opportunities available, emphasising that there’s a place for everyone in the world of volunteering. Whether you’re drawn to environmental causes, community outreach, education, or beyond, there’s a place where your unique skills and interests can flourish.

Let’s come together during National Volunteer Week to showcase that volunteering offers ‘Something for Everyone’. Join us as we celebrate the transformative impact of everyone finding their role in making a difference.


National Volunteer Week resources are produced by Volunteering Australia, including digital resources and key messaging for you to share in the lead up to and during National Volunteer Week.

Resources will include logos, e-cards, certificates, invitations, posters, social media images, email and web banners, and printable selfie frames. These can be accessed on the Volunteering Australia website once available.

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