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Date: Tuesday 10 September 2024
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm
Location: Online, via Zoom

Guest presenter: Eva Hussain (Polaron)
Topic: Working together: Creating community-led resources



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About this SIG

The Inclusive Volunteering Special Interest Group (SIG) is established under the auspices of Volunteering Victoria to support the inclusion of all Victorians into volunteerism. The SIG will work collaboratively and inclusively to:

  • Advocate for recognition and the expansion of volunteering to support socially inclusive volunteering for Victorians
  • Identify best practice and current and emerging issues and trends relevant to inclusive volunteering, analyse the impact of those issues and trends and share information with the volunteering community
  • Develop and share information about programs, projects and plans that incorporate a multi-faceted approach to – inclusive volunteering to:
    • Engage and support volunteers from diverse backgrounds including multicultural, LGBTIQA+, youth/seniors, indigenous, and volunteers with disability
    • Build the capability and capacity of VIOs to engage with and support diverse volunteers
    • Strengthen connections between VIOs and organisations to improve meaningful volunteering opportunities for CALD, refugee, migrant, LGBTIQA+, indigenous, people with disabilities and young and old people.
    • Ensure learnings are shared and utilised to improve service delivery and meet community needs
  • Provide input to the development of relevant Volunteering Victoria events, programs and products including:
    • Learning and professional development resources and programs
    • Online information, tools and resources o Research, advocacy and policy
    • Marketing communications; in particular the use of – appropriate and inclusive language and images
  • Provision of communication channels to:
    • Facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and resources
    • Strengthen and encourage engagement in the Inclusive Volunteering SIG
    • Promote the value of inclusive volunteering and best practice Volunteer Management
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