NDIS Volunteer Screening Checks

NDIS Screening Checks are now online!

Volunteers in NDIS risk assessed roles can now apply online for their free screening check.

For some time, the screening process for volunteers has been a manual one, requiring volunteers to first apply for a fee waiver and then for the check itself.  

Applications for the check can now be submitted online through the Service Victoria website. The new process is almost the same as for paid NDIS workers – except that the checks are free for volunteers. This should make the screening process much quicker and easier for volunteers.  

The new online NDIS volunteer portal reflects what can be achieved through ongoing and relentless advocacy, and forging supportive and collaborative relationships with government and relevant departments. We also received significant input from volunteer-involving organisations (VIOs) and volunteers in Victoria who have been most impacted by these checks.

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Important notes:

  • Screening checks are required before the commencement of any volunteer engagement in a risk assessed NDIS role.
  • Volunteers can still use a manual process. If a volunteer does not have a particular form of identification (such as a current passport), please contact the Worker Screening Unit who can provide alternative forms of identification.
  • If volunteers have applied and paid for a check in order to expedite their screening, they can request a refund of the fee.
  • The NDIS check is a higher level of screening required for volunteers supporting people with a disability in risk assessed roles. Organisations should consider carefully which volunteers fall within this description and not require this check as a blanket requirement for all volunteers.
  • The check is valid for 5 years.

Last updated: September 2023

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