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Time: Thursday 6 May 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Topic: Advocacy for the volunteering sector 101
Speaker: Neil Pharaoh: is a founding Director of Tanck, and a government engagement and campaigning guru with a depth of experience in social purpose, government, public policy, and advocacy. 

About Neil Pharaoh:

Neil is a campaigning guru and government relations consultant with a depth of experience in social purpose, government, public policy, and advocacy. He has developed and executed the strategic frameworks, corporate social responsibility and advocacy initiatives for a number of major international and Australian businesses.

Having led corporate affairs, business development and marketing teams, he has been behind many leading social policy and advocacy campaigns professionally, as well as national and international philanthropic and development work – in child welfare, education, refugees and LGBTI issues.

Neil is a founding director of philanthropic group, GiveOUT, and was national co-convenor of Rainbow Labor where he led the internal campaign which achieved over 200 legislative and regulatory reforms, including changing the Labor Party’s position on marriage equality.

About this SIG

The Advocacy Special Interest Group (SIG) is established under the auspices of Volunteering Victoria to bring together volunteers, both members of Volunteering Victoria who are volunteers and volunteers within member organisations, and leaders in a range of volunteering sectors and cohorts, to: 

  • explore the concept of advocacy, 
  • learn about and be inspired by the role, power and value of advocacy; and  
  • identify different methods, tools and resources to advocate efficiently and effectively in and for the volunteering sector, including discussing and exchanging views and identifying how best to advocate further on various topics and issues. 

The SIG will be an opportunity to have an input into the Volunteering Victoria advocacy process, to consider whether Volunteering Victoria:  

  • is effective in promoting and speaking out on the interests and issues impacting volunteers, the volunteer sector and volunteer involving organisations (VIOs);
  • effectively empowers and promotes advocacy for and by the sector; and
  • follows best practice for identifying and shaping the advocacy priorities of Volunteering Victoria. 

The SIG will also be a forum for: 

  • sharing and discussing information regarding policy challenges and sector risks, assessing agreed areas and issues, identifying current and emerging research onadvocacy;
  • cooperating on advocacy initiatives and opportunities;
  • facilitating coordination and collaboration with other organisations and peak bodies whose work intersects with the work of Volunteering Victoria and theSIG;
  • identifying priority areas and issues impacting volunteering across Victoria;
  • discussing and sharing ideas, developing plans and strategising on options and how best to tackle identified solutions, which may include seeking to change policies, laws or rules that impact volunteering, targeting efforts at a local, state, or national level as required; and 
  • fostering and providing communication channels to:

            – facilitate networks which will exchange ideas, information, and resources on advocacy
            – strengthen and encourage advocacy within sectors and cohorts;
            – highlight and celebrate the value of Volunteering to the Victorian community; and
            – promote the value of volunteering. 

Membership of the SIG is open to:

  • Managers of Volunteers employed by members of Volunteering Victoria
  • Managers of Volunteers who are individual members of Volunteering Victoria
  • Individual members of Volunteering Victoria who have an interest in Volunteer Management e.g. researchers

New members are welcomed.

Download the full Terms of Reference for the Advocacy SIG