Volunteer Or
Of Volunteers

IMPORTANT: If you are seeking volunteer opportunities, you are not required to become a member of Volunteering Victoria. You can access all currently advertised volunteering opportunities at Go Volunteer website.

Individual Members of Volunteering Victoria demonstrate their commitment to and support for the volunteering sector.

Volunteers or volunteer supporters support the volunteering sector and the work of the State Peak body to support volunteering.

As an Individual Member (Volunteer/Volunteer Supporter), you will receive:

  • Discounts on all Volunteering Victoria conferences and events, consultancy services, training and workshops, and other fee-for-service programs;
  • Networking with your peers at “Member Only” events;
  • Access to advice, support, publications and research on volunteering-related matters;
  • Use of the Volunteering Victoria membership logo and member certificate to promote your support for the volunteering sector and for Volunteering Victoria;
  • Acknowledgement of your membership and support for volunteering via business listing on the Volunteering Victoria website and annual report.
Membership Fees
$25 annually (excluding GST)
Supporter of Volunteering
$25 annually (excluding GST)
Note: A 25% discount is applied to applications received after 1 October and a 50% discount is applied to applications received after 1 January in any membership year.