Volunteer Management
Activity (VMA)


Since approximately 2003, the Australian Government has funded Volunteer Support Services across Australia under a variety of different funding schemes. These services provide valuable place-based support for volunteering across Australia. Many of these volunteer support services are based in Victoria. A full list is available here. 

The current version of this funding stream, the Volunteer Management Activity, is due to finish in June 2021.  

At the beginning of 2018, the Australian Government commenced review of the funding services, and a report was released to the sector in late 2019.  

What are we doing right now?

Volunteering Victoria has been working with Volunteering Australia and other State and Territory Peak bodies to urge the Australian Government to continue its national investment in volunteering. 

We have recently written to Minister Ruston on behalf of our funded members to urge the Australian government to continue this funding stream. Our letter to Minister Ruston can be viewed under the resources below.  

We have also provided a template for our members funded under the VMA to write to their local members about this issue. 

What next?

We are waiting for further advice from the Federal Government. In the meantime, we are continuing to work with the Victorian Volunteer Support Network, Volunteering AustraliaState and Territory Peak bodies, and the State Government of Victoria to encourage a continued investment in volunteering.  


Australian Government Funding Ends
June 2021

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