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Building Positive and Reciprocal Relationships with First Peoples

Volunteering Victoria is embarking on an organisation wide Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Out of the four available ‘levels’, Volunteering Victoria is opting for the introductory Reflect RAP.

“The Reflect RAP is an organisation-wide restructuring framework enabling us to evaluate our progress towards reconciliation and the recognition of the primary rights of Australia’s First Nations People in their cultural heritage,” says Scott Miller, Chief Executive of Volunteering Victoria.

The Reflect RAP will:

  • prepare Volunteering Victoria for future RAPs and reconciliation initiatives
  • include practical actions that will drive Volunteering Victoria’s contribution to reconciliation both internally and externally
  • provide an organisational structure to continually grow and develop contributions to the reconciliation movement in new ways
  • allow Volunteering Victoria to scope and develop relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, deciding on a reconciliation vision whilst exploring our ‘sphere of influence’.

“We are committed to an ongoing process of reconciliation, acknowledgement and aim to be inclusive of First Nations People within our organisations and the volunteering community across Victoria,” adds Miller.

More information on the Reflect RAP can be found on Reconciliation Australia’s website here.