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Highlights of 2021-22 Federal Budget Measures May 2021

Volunteering and Community Connectedness

A new ‘Volunteering and Community Connectedness’ funding stream brings together three existing programs: Volunteer Management Activity, Volunteer Grants and the Strong and Resilient Communities Activity.

  • Allocated funds are $79,481 000 (2021-22), $61,948 000 (2022-23), $61,806 000 (2023-24) and
    $56,669 000 (2024-25).
  • DSS have confirmed that funds for Volunteer Grants have been allocated at circa $10 p.a. to 2024-25 and the Volunteer Management Activity at circa $6 million p.a. plus indexation to 2024-25 ($33.5 million over five years).
  • A further $6.6 million has been allocated to the Volunteer Management Activity in 2021-22 to support the re-design of the scheme.
  • A one-off sum of $3.4 million has been allocated to develop and improve volunteer management IT infrastructure.

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