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First Nations Voice in Parliament

Position Statement:

First Nations Voice in Parliament

Volunteering Victoria supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their right to self-determination, truth-telling, treaty, and a Voice in Parliament.

We are committed to contributing to the process of reconciliation through our organisation’s Reconciliation Action Plan and by promoting and advocating for increased acknowledgement and celebration of the strengths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, particularly their long-standing practices of community giving.

We acknowledge the power of a peaceful democratic process for this important referendum question. While we hold an organisational position, we respect each and every person’s decision on the question posed.

We seek to play our part in giving voice and consideration to informed debate in a positive and empathetic manner. We found the following resources to be inclusive and informative:

Referendum FAQs – Yes23

Voice to Parliament overview – Reconciliation Australia

Voice to Parliament training course – The Uluru Dialogue and From The Heart

Responding to Common Concerns – Australian National University

Community Toolkit (including translated resources) – Australian Government

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