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Unpacked: Your peak body for volunteering

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As the peak body for volunteering in Victoria, we see our role as leading the development of an inclusive, thriving volunteering culture. However, particularly for those new to the sector, we recognise that some may be unfamiliar with the structures within the volunteering community and the services we offer as a peak body. So, let’s unpack it!

Did you know?

Volunteering Victoria is one of 7 independent peak agencies across Australia, who work as a federation of peak bodies. This means we are not branches, but rather, we operate independently of each other and of Volunteering Australia. (The state peak bodies are in fact “foundation members” of Volunteering Australia.)

Our strategy

At Volunteering Victoria, we are focused on advocacy, sector development and the promotion of volunteering across the state. We formulate our strategy for the Victorian community in consultation and collaboration with our members, the State government, and community. We draw ideas and input from our stakeholders, including strategies developed by our peers, such as those recently developed by Volunteering Australia.

Helping you grow a thriving volunteer community

As the person in charge of coordinating volunteers, we know you have a big and important job on your hands. You’re the heart and driving force of your community – and we’re here to support you.

As your state peak body, our role is to support volunteer managers like you and champion the volunteering community. Think of us as your go-to place for all things volunteering. Whether the need is big or small, you can come to us for reliable support, training, resources and advice.

What we can do for you

Training & workshops 
We run training and workshops on topics related to managing volunteers effectively, which can also be customised to suit your organisation’s needs. 

Professional development opportunities 
Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Mentoring Programs are designed for volunteer managers and available to all members. These programs are designed for a range of professional leaders to improve their knowledge, skills and career development. They are part of our flagship membership services.

Guides & resources 
Our website houses a range of helpful guides and resources, covering various topics relating to volunteering and best practice volunteer management.  

Ongoing advocacy & support 
We embrace the opportunity to be a voice for the sector, by advocating on key issues impacting volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations. Alongside formal submissions and position papers, we maintain regular meetings with key government contacts, advocating for increased support for volunteering and the need to address complex issues impacting the sector.

Advice for volunteers
While we don’t provide direct matching services for those looking to volunteer, our friendly team is available to help guide your search. The following pages on our website are a great place to start: 

Advice for volunteer managers 
We also offer year-round support and guidance on any and all volunteering matters to volunteer managers and leaders, including inclusive engagement and management of volunteers.

We value your feedback!

At Volunteering Victoria, we are committed to continuously improving our services and the way we connect with the sector, key stakeholders and the broader community.

How else can we, as your state peak body, best support you, your volunteers, and your organisation? 

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