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Latrobe University – Aspire Program

By August 25, 2020 August 27th, 2020 No Comments

Get a head start with an early uni offer

There’s more to you than just your ATAR – community-mindedness is also something that should be rewarded.

If you’re a volunteer considering university study, La Trobe’s Aspire Early Admissions Program could get you an early offer for the course of your dreams.

How the Aspire Program can help you achieve your goals

 Aspire offers a range of benefits to future students who demonstrate volunteerism, community involvement or leadership. These include:

  • An early offer: If you’re successful, you’ll get an early conditional offer to an eligible course of your choice at La Trobe. This means that while others wait to find out if they’ll get the offer they want, you can enjoy security and peace of mind of securing your spot in September.
  • The Aspire ATAR: The Aspire ATAR is the score you need in order to lock in your Aspire course. It can differ from the regular ATAR for some courses, and could be the small advantage that makes a big difference.
  • Scholarship opportunities: When you apply for Aspire, you’ll automatically be considered for one of 40 Aspire scholarships – each valued at $20,000 over four years.
  • Access to hundreds of study resources: As soon as you apply for Aspire, you’ll gain access to VCE, HSC and IB study guides through EdUnlimited, as well as a range of revision lectures to help you smash your final assessments.

Graduate with a point of difference

 Successful Aspire applicant Stephen Leitch studied a Bachelor of Accounting at La Trobe. He says his community service experience not only helped him secure the degree he wanted, but ultimately helped him secure graduate employment at an Albury accounting firm.

‘When I interviewed for positions, the majority of employers wanted to know about extra-curricular activities to see what sort of person you are and how you’ll fit into the culture of the company. You’ve absolutely got to stand out and have a point of difference.’

Am I eligible?

 You can apply for Aspire if you go above and beyond for your community – for example, as a volunteer, sport coach, fundraiser, mentor or school captain. To find out more about eligibility for Year 12, non-Year 12 and Indigenous students, visit our Aspire eligibility page.

Don’t delay. Aspire timely applications close on 31 August.

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