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SEEK Volunteer – Connecting More Volunteer than Ever Before

SEEK Volunteer – connecting more volunteers than ever before

SEEK Volunteer’s vision is to connect more people to volunteering opportunities that enrich their communities, lives and careers. In FY20, SEEK Volunteer did just that with a 21% increase in visits to the website and a 30% increase in expressions of interest from volunteers.

What we’re seeing in Australia

Particularly in the last 6 months, Australians have been inspired more than ever before to volunteer. Site visits in Australia reached a new monthly high in January 2020 as a result of the bushfires, with over 200,000 monthly visits. During this period though, it was highly trained emergency services volunteers that were required on the frontline. However, SEEK Volunteer managed to connect people to other causes they could support during this time.

In March due to COVID-19, the volume of volunteer opportunities advertised on site reduced by over 50%. However, visitors to the site and expressions of interest increased significantly, as people sought out ways to contribute to their community. The top 5 causes that people expressed interest in during Q4 were Community Service, Seniors & Aged Care, Education & Training, Health and COVID-19.

What we saw in Victoria

Victoria accounted for 30% of the expressions of interest on SEEK Volunteer. We continue to see EOI’s significantly skewed towards females, with 3 out of 4 EOI’s coming from females. In Q4, volunteer opportunities in Victoria supporting COVID-19 received 1,443 expressions of interest.

What’s next for SEEK Volunteer

SEEK Volunteer has a new ‘in-demand’ feature at the top of the search results to promote opportunities that require 15+ volunteers or have an imminent need for volunteers. You can read more about this here. They are also collaborating with Communiteer with the aim of helping you advance your knowledge, scoping and communication of skilled and remote/online volunteering opportunities.

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