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Vollie 2.0 Goes Live


Vollie 2.0 goes live at a time when people must change the world remotely

Vollie’s vision has always been to create a way for people to volunteer and change the world from home. In an increasingly remote environment, fewer and fewer people were volunteering in Australia. It was time for the world of volunteering to catch up to the digital age.

Creating Change From Home

The launch of Vollie 2.0 could not have come at a more appropriate time. With the world in a state of crisis and in need of an unprecedented amount of help, Vollie 2.0 gives people a chance to create change from home and for our most vulnerable members of society to receive the help they desperately need.

While our feeds are filled with news stories of COVID related issues, the homeless are still homeless, the ill remain ill and the challenged remain challenged. These parties are more vulnerable than ever before.

Vollie 2.0 exists to help and support non-profit organisations

The existence of Vollie is to help non-profit organisations. Our free service offers a streamlined approach to the project-posting process. Non-profit organisations can post their needs in just a few clicks. This is done with 100+ pre-written templates for common projects, always with the ability to edit and adjust depending on unique requirements.

Charities and volunteers can also collaborate and communicate clearly to make an even bigger positive impact together, with Vollie’s in-platform messaging and file sharing feature.

Put the power back in your hands

Vollie puts the power back into people’s hands by opening up a portal between organisations needing assistance and people wanting to contribute something meaningful to our uncertain climate. Anyone with the desire to create change can, while still acknowledging the 1.5m rule.

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