Volunteer Management
Activity 2021


The Volunteer Management Activity is designed to increase opportunities for people to participate in the social and economic life of their broader community through volunteering.  

Through the VMA, the Commonwealth government has funded volunteering peak bodies to: 

  1. Deliver services to build the capacity of volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) including:
    • Best practice recruitment and training of volunteers;  
    • Best practice strategies for supporting and retaining volunteers;  
    • Best practice volunteer management;  
    • Provision of information, tools, training and resources including regulatory obligations and risk management.

2. Break down barriers to volunteering for the three identified priority groups:

    • Peoples with disability;  
    • First Nations People;  
    • Newly arrived migrants.

The Commonwealth has provided $8.128m in funding to Victoria until 2026. Volunteering Victoria is committed to partnering with existing services to deliver the grants aims effectively.  

VMA 2021


Read more about the redesign of the Volunteer Management Activity (VMA) and the changes from how volunteer management services have previously been delivered.

VMA 2021

National Projects

Read more on the strategic direction of the new Volunteer Management Activity (VMA) including national Initiatives managed by the VMA Council.

VMA 2021

State Projects & Services

Read more on the range of programs undertaken to deliver the aims of the redesigned VMA.