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Loddon Health Partnership Endorses 12-Month project

By September 5, 2019 No Comments

The Leddon Health Partnership has endorsed the commencement of a 12-month project to understand the current state of Volunteer Services in the Loddon Health Partnership- Health Services, and develop a sub-regional volunteer plan to promote, support and build/maintain the capacity if volunteers in health services.

Sharon Walsh, Director of Volunteer Services at Bendigo Health will be leading this work. Sharon brings a wealth of leadership, knowledge and practical experience in Volunteer Services to this project, and is the Chair of the Leaders of Health Volunteers Engagement (LOHVE) network, supporting volunteer managers and coordinators within the health sector.

It is hoped this sub-regional volunteer project and sub-committee will provide a platform for deliverable and may include:

  • a shared approach to advertising and recruitment of volunteer workforce
  • stronger relationships for volunteer services and staff
  • more localised training and development to building skill & expertise in the region
  • develop more formalised supports
  • develop pathways for volunteering
  • other innovative volunteer models, projects, initiatives, programs that include joint approaches
  • sharing of resources/outcomes with other health partnerships/health services in the Loddon Mallee region