Volunteering During COVID-19


Volunteers are a vital part of recovery in a time of crisis, but before you consider volunteering ask yourself – Am I well enough to volunteer? 

Your safety and limiting the spread of the coronavirus being the main priority, please follow DHHS guidelines on how to best avoid COVID-19, both in the work environment and at home.​

If you can, stay home as much as possible to further reduce your risk of being exposed or infecting others.

If you are well enough and wish to volunteer, here are 2 main ways you can help:

  • Register as a COVID-19 volunteer
  • Contact and register with your local volunteer centre
  • Volunteer informally in your own community​: ​If you know people in your community who may be vulnerable and can contact them safely (e.g. phone call, whatsapp), just let them know that you are available and can assist with shopping for urgent supplies or by lending a friendly ear for a chat. Social distancing does not mean we can’t still be connected with our communities

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