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Leading People During COVID-19

Updated 29 April 2022

Having reached 90% vaccination rate in Victoria on Friday 18 November, we have entered Phase D of the Roadmap. View Victoria’s Roadmap – Delivering the National Plan

As the surge in infections persists, we continue to receive queries on COVIDSafe requirements and vaccine mandates, including the booster vaccine.

On 14 January 2022, Volunteering Victoria prepared a media release calling on the government to urgently provide free rapid antigen tests (RATs) to every volunteer and organisation involved in the delivery of essential services.

We have collated the below resources to assist you with your operations. It should be noted that in most cases, the term ‘worker’ also includes volunteer – you can view some of the exemptions below.

While COVID-10 restrictions in Victoria continue to ease, vaccine mandates remain in place. These mandates apply to all workers, including volunteers. The specific requirements may vary depending on the sector. We encourage all volunteers to check the State Government Coronavirus website, Worker Vaccination Requirements for recent updates by sector.

18 January 2022

Webinar: VCOSS Navigating COVID in 2022 - Your questions answered

Before accessing resources on this page, we recommend that you watch this webinar.

24 November 2021

Webinar: State Government discuss the vaccine mandate and Roadmap

Before accessing resources on this page, we recommend that you watch this webinar.

COVID Safety Management


Updated 25 November 2021

Contact assessment: Primary care, communitybased healthcare and emergency services

Contact assessment: Workplaces, business and industry

Welcoming Volunteers Back Safely Checklist

Volunteering Program Status Snapshot

Volunteers Recruitment Checklist

Safe Workplace Communication Sheet

Individual Volunteer Program Assessment

COVID-19 Risk Register Template

The Impact of COVID-19 on Employers’ WHS Obligations

Volunteering Safely Under Different Pandemic Stages

COVID-19 Sector Survey Results