National Volunteer
Week 2014

Theme: Advocacy: Skills, Methods & Means
22 May 2014
Where: State Library Victoria


  • MC: Sue Noble


  • Shane Genziul (CGU)
  • Dionne Kasian-Lew (The Social Executive)
  • Zoe Waters (Barwon Health)
  • Sylvia Csanyi (Campaigns Coord)

After last year’s highly successful Youth Volunteers Forum, Volunteering Victoria is proud to present its second forum on Advocacy: Skills, Methods and Means! – as part of the celebrations of National Volunteer Week 2014.

The focus of the Forum will be on advocating for recognition and support of volunteering and volunteer management. It will provide answers to “How do we become good advocates for volunteering and volunteer management?  What are the skills, methods and means used by successful advocates?  How do you develop an advocacy campaign and motivate others to be involved?”

Precedent Consultant, and facilitator of our NVW2014 event

Ernez Dhondy , Precedent Consultant, and facilitator of our NVW2014 event









The discussion will be facilitated by Ernez Dhondy –Senior UX Consultant, Precedent. Ernez leads Precedent’s consultancy team in Melbourne, working closely with clients to conduct useful research to produce meaningful insights that create the right results for both clients and users. Ernez has over 10 years of experience in implementing strategic design, design thinking and service design techniques to support UX frameworks, tools and approaches. Ernez is fixated building a ‘culture of design’ into organisations and believes in collaborating and co-design above all else, focusing his energy on working alongside clients and users throughout an entire engagement.