Sport Industry Group Webinar

Volunteer Selection

Event Details

Date: Wednesday 17 April 2024
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location: Online, via Zoom


Volunteers are essential to sport and our local communities. Hosted by Volunteering Victoria, Vicsport and Regional Sport Victoria, this webinar will focus on volunteer selection, including:

  • Creating role-specific selection requirements
  • Background checks
  • Volunteer interviews
  • Selection follow-up

Come along to connect with others in the sport industry and find out more about maximising success with engaging volunteers. 



Guest Speaker
Elle Steele

Elle Steele

National Project Manager, Disability Sports Australia

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Born with a congenital disability called Arthrogryposis, affecting the range of motion in the joints and impacting the cartilage in the body, Elle has had over 30 surgeries, including two knee replacements, and has had to relearn to walk five times throughout her life.

Following the end of a 13-year career as a professional athlete that included selection at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics, Elle now helps people of all abilities say yes to themselves and to the world, figuring out the ‘how’ later. Her objective isn’t to convince you of her abilities but to help you believe in your own.

Elle will be sharing her experiences with sport volunteers, as well as her time as a professional athlete.

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