Embolden the elderly’s confidence

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A lot of the elderly are threatened by many provider leaders that they will be stripped off of their welfare./benefits in Home Care Package if they will attend other SSG togetherness. This should have NOT been the issue since the elderly is given the power by the GOVERNMENT, the Age Care to decide who, where, what kind of activities they are interested to join. For me, I am one of the Octogenarians and I pity many of my friends who experienced scare, intimidation and treated like little children, ignorant of the law. It is so abhorring and I felt so degraded to find community leaders of non-profit organisations who threatened the peaceful hearts of old people vulnerable to be scared and perhaps felt downtrodden in their lives, because of their scare. There has to be a committe who must look into these abuses. PLEASE but it should be ALL AUSSIE group and not from CALD communities. I hate those who abuse us older Australians. I wish I can meet you in person. \Julie

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