Volunteer Management Toolkit
and Handbook

Volunteer Management Toolkit

Our Volunteer Management Toolkit is simple, easy to use and provides guidance for volunteer managers at each stage of the volunteering life cycle. It also includes:

  • Hints and tips for best practice
  • Useful links
  • Downloadable templates

Download our toolkit below by filling in your details.

    Volunteer Management Interactive Handbook (national resource)

    The Volunteer Management Handbook has been designed to support new, existing and aspiring Volunteer Managers and Coordinators in their role.  The handbook will be regularly updated and the information contained can be accessed repeatedly and at any time. It include:

    • An interactive easy-to-use platform
    • Best practice resources and material
    • Customisable templates

    Important steps to access the handbook:

    1. Click on the below button ‘access the handbook’
    2. Once the page opens, click on ‘login as a guest
    3. Success!
    Access the Handbook